Trump Calls For Civil War…Again. And Apparently, That’s Just Fine.

Daylin Leach
4 min readJan 27, 2024

It is quaint to think about the things that used to damage presidential campaigns.

In 1972, Ed Muskie’s campaign was destroyed when he briefly cried in public. Someone had said something nasty about his wife. Plus, he had just seen Beaches for the first time. Three tears in a snowy parking lot in Manchester, and Muskie, then the front-runner, was toast. Soggy toast.

In 1968 Republican front-runner George Romney saw his campaign immediately implode when he said that he had been “brainwashed” about the Viet Nam war. In 1972 George McGovern picked Thomas Eagleton to be his VEEP. It was revealed that Eagleton had been treated for depression earlier in his life and within hours Eagleton was off the ticket, and McGovern was relegated to losing more states than were actually in the union at the time.

George W. Bush almost lost the 2000 election when it was revealed that he had a DUI years earlier. But my personal favorite is when Jimmy Carter nearly blew the 1976 election by admitting in an interview that he had, at some points in his life, “lusted after other women”. To me this is crazy. The only men who don’t lust after other women are gay. Either that, or they are married to my delightful wife. Love you honey! Perhaps it would have made more sense if Carter had said that specifically the woman he lusted after was Eva Braun.

Donald Trump changed all that.

Now, you can not only lust after other women, you can brag about assaulting them, pay off porn stars to cover up affairs and be found by a jury to have raped someone, and you you are stll running up the score in the New Hampshire primary.

You can also express emotion more freely now. Especially if that emotion is unhinged rage at immigrants, political opponents, various racial groups, democracy. You can now not only appoint people who had a mental health issue, you can BE someone with many mental health issues. Lots of them, untreated and on full display.

One issue that I can’t help but feeling would be disqualifying in the bygone years is expressly calling for civil war. You know, the kind where Americans violently attack other Americans with the intent to kill them in order to advance a political agenda that…



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